Client Reviews

Some Of My Clients
Seth Goldberg is an honest, outstanding Attorney
In 1998 Seth represented me in a libel suit against a defense contractor, Smith v Orange Blossom Lines, tried in Torrance CA. The jury awarded me 2.5 million dollars after a 6 day trial. What else do you need to know…
Russell A. Smith
Setting up my Business
Seth helped me set up my business, walked me through the process and took care of all the details. He made the whole process easy. Very knowledgeable and kept me in the loop at all times. Thanks Seth! – Mike, a Business client
One of the best
Seth and I have worked together on multiple client cases. He has consistently demonstrated a high level of professionalism as well as extensive expertise in estate planning matters. As a financial advisor, I rely heavily on Seth to advise my clients and me of the complex strategies associated with the transfer of wealth from one generation to the next. Seth is truly one of the best. – Jin, a Estate Planning client
Excellent Lawyer
Seth is a very good lawyer. He is very patient and asks the tough questions. If you need a good lawyer that will drill down to the heart of the matter. Seth is the lawyer to call. He ascertained what my problem was and proceeded to give me excellent advice. Rich, a Employment client
Skilled & Attentive
Mr. Seth Goldberg was my attorney in updating my living trust. He prepared an Advance Healthcare directive, a Durable Power of Attorney, a first and second Amendment to the trust. As well as prepared and recorded a Trust Transfer Deed. He was careful and attentive to every detail. I found him to be a highly skilled attorney and was of great assistance to me in these legal matters. – Kathleen, Estate Planning client
Recommendation for Seth Goldberg
We were looking for someone to help us set up a family trust. Seth came to us through a friends referral, and at our first meeting I knew he was someone I could trust to handle my needs. He is professional, timely and went out of his way to offer some personal aspects of our requests that I truly appreciated. I have recommended Seth to others for his skills and abilities and will continue to do so, as I highly recommend him. – Jim, a Estate Planning client
Did more than expected!
Seth did the Terms and Conditions and Rental Agreement applications for my web-based business and they are outstanding. He also recommended a credit card processing company he personally works with for me as a merchant to process our cc payments. I really enjoy personal connections for business and developing good business relationships and Seth is the man to talk to for developing a good business relationship with and possibly helping with referrals. Regina – Business Owner – Feb 2016
Above and beyond the call - 100% effort, 100% of the time!
I was being sued for 35 million dollars on an alleged breach of contract case. The other party lies, and even the other parties’ attorney on the primary case would recraft the truth to their liking, of course the challenge is to prove it all in court and to a jury. This case lasted over 2 years and during that time Seth drove the truth home, made the truth seem so obvious, and even pointed out how the opposing side was misrepresenting the truth of things during the trial. The opposition tried every legal “trick” they could to obfuscate the truth, but in the end and especially after Seth’s fantastic closing, after only 3 hours the jury returns a verdict in our favor and ends up awarding us damages and attorney fees! The opposition won nothing! Score one for the good guys and another win for Goldberg! Thanks much my friend!! Oh yes I definitely recommend him! Robert E – Business Owner – Jun 2018
Outstanding! Recommend without hesitation!
Fortunately I do not have much experience with using attorneys and was very nervous about whom to contact and what cost would be. Seth was very professional, patient, understanding. He helped me through my dilemma and put my worries at ease. Spot on with the quote he provided, but first and foremost got the result I was hopping for. I would recommend Mr. Goldberg in a heart beat!! Keith – Jan 2016